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PT Tohoma Mandiri's involvement in the Palembang IPAL Project which was inaugurated by President Jokowi

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, accompanied by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), the Australian Ambassador and the Governor of South Sumatra inaugurated the Sei Selayur Centralized Domestic Wastewater Treatment System (SPALDT). This inauguration is an important milestone in efforts to improve waste water quality in Palembang City.

One of the things that was highlighted at this inauguration event was that the tank which was the main spot was a tank built by PT Tohoma Mandiri which is a BTF tank. Then, how important is the role of the BTF Tank in the wastewater treatment system? The role of the BTF (Biological Treatment Filter) Tank in wastewater treatment is very important. This tank functions to filter and clean waste water from contaminants and unwanted particles and makes waste water safer according to environmental standards.

PT Tohoma Mandiri provides professional wastewater treatment installation services. We also offer various sizes of GFST tanks ranging from 10m3 – 21,000m3. You can choose a tank that suits your needs with the best quality. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about our GFST tanks.

Tohoma Glass Fused Steel Tank for Your Storage Needs

Glass Fused Steel Tank is a type of tank made of glass enamel-coated steel which is chemically mixed and burned at temperature 820 – 930 °C until fused. This process creates a coating that is strong and resistant to corrosion, leakage, and chemical.

PT Tohoma Mandiri is one of the companies that provides the best Glass Fused Steel Tank with advantages including, more than 18 years of experience in Enameling Technology, strict engineering design standards in accordance with AWWA D103, OSHA, NSF61, ISO28765, and others. Successful reputation in international markets with GFST tank projects in over 80 countries worldwide.

We offer various sizes of GFST tank ranging from 10m3 – 21,000m3. You can choose a tank that suits your needs with the best quality. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about our GFST tank.

PUPR Minister's visit to the IPAL B1 Makassar Project

The Clean Water Network Distribution Project in the Medan Industrial Area (KIM) received visits from PT Kawasan Industri Batang Terpadu (KITB) and PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (KIW). The project has 5,480 meters of distribution pipelines and has two tanks with a water storage capacity of 1500 m3 each.

PT Danareksa, PT KIM, and KIW expressed their appreciation for the success of this project. Currently the Glass Fused Steel Tank is operating well to serve the clean water needs of tenants in the Medan Industrial Area.

PT Tohoma Mandiri as one of the sub-contractors on this project successfully completed the installation of 2 units of Glass Fused Steel Reservoir Tank together with PT Nindya Karya as the Main Contractor. This success is also a reflection of PT Tohoma Mandiri’s commitment to maintaining high quality work and punctuality in completing projects. We guarantee that every project we work on is carried out optimally, with quality and on time.

Tohoma's GFS Tank for DAMKAR Alert Water Facility

In an effort to increase preparedness in dealing with fires, the DKI Jakarta Province Fire and Rescue Service utilizes the GFS water hydrant tank, a standby water facility owned by PT Tohoma Mandiri. The main advantage that is felt is filling the fire pump unit water which now only takes about 5 minutes compared to previous time which took about 30 minutes, with a water hydrant capacity of up to 4000 liters.

The reduced duration of hydrant refilling allows the team to quickly prepare the fleet and always be ready to respond emergencies. This hydrant water GFS tank makes a significant change in optimizing firefighting fleet availability. PT Tohoma Mandiri as a provider of GFS water hydrant tanks is committed to providing the best service in terms of quality.

The reliability of this tank is an effort to support the DKI Jakarta Provincial Fire Management and Rescue Service in protecting the public. Therefore, we continue to innovate to present the best technology for in the future.

Installation of 2 GFS Tank Vol. 1.500 m3 and Clean Water Distribution Network in the Medan Industrial Area

PT Tohoma Mandiri are the main distributor of GFS Tank / Enamel Tanks throughout Indonesia. The installation project for the 2 unit 1.500 m3 GFS Tank in the Medan Industrial Area has started with initial preparations including making the foundation, continued to erection and installing the partition.

Installing a GFS Tank generally takes about 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of the tank being worked on. The work is carried out by a professional team who are experts in their field, so we can guarantee the quality and the right time of work.

The quality and durability of Glass Fused Steel Tank products and accessories are always been our priority, even in the most extreme conditions. The GFST Tank project is expected to be completed by the end of May 2023.

Installation of Waste Water Treatment Plant by PT Tohoma Mandiri at Palembang Sewerage Project

PT. Tohoma Mandiri has finished working on the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Installation at the Palembang City Sewerage Project. This project has been completed with PT. McConnell Dawell Indonesia and PT. PP (Pembangunan Perumahan) as Main Contractor.

As one of the sub-contractors in the Palembang WWTP project, our scope of work includes mechanical, piping, BTF Tank, and Clarifier work. In addition, we also carried out installations in the SWPS (Site Waste Pump Station) area, SDB (Sludge Drying Bed) as well as other items such as DICL and Oudoor Control Facility.

We always prioritize occupational health and safety, and ensure that the projects we work on are carried out optimally because they are carried out by our team of professionals in this field so as to achieve the best results.

Installation of 6 units of Reservoir Glass Fused Steel Tanks with a volume of 2000 m3 at the Mebidang Regional SPAM in Medan City, North Sumatra Province.

PT Tohoma Mandiri installed 6 units of Reservoir Glass Fused Steel Tanks in the Regional Water Supply System (SPAM) in North Sumatra Province. SPAM plays a central role in meeting the needs of the community’s drinking water in several scopes in three areas at once. Precisely in Medan City, Binjai City, and Deli Serdang Regency.

Work on the 2,000 m3 GFST tank in Medan was completed at Desember 2022. The Glass Fused Steel Tank has many uses, such as storage of drinking water, raw water, purification water, demineralized water, and desalinated water. In addition, Glass Fused Steel Tanks can be used for wastewater treatment, biogas, slurry tanks, silos for the material outpouring, and others.

With the available time, we guarantee that the project we are working on will be maximized because it is done by our professionals team in this field, thus helping this project achieve the best results.

PT Tohoma Mandiri has become the main provider & distributor of GFS Tanks / ENAMEL TANKS throughout Indonesia. The progress of work on a 500m3 GFST tank in West Peureulak, East Aceh, Indonesia began on February 15, 2022. Preparation for the manufacture of the GFST tank started with making the initial song, then preparing the tank parts to be put together.

GFST tank work usually takes 3 – 4 weeks depending on the size of the tank and of course, it is also done by a team of professionals in their field, so we can guarantee the quality and timeliness of the work properly.

We always prioritize the quality and durability of our Glass Fused Steel Tank products and accessories under the most extreme application conditions. The 500m3 GFST Tank Project in West Peureulak, East Aceh is expected to be completed on March 3, 2022.

In a factory or large construction activity, try to pay attention to one important object that must be present. It is a tank for holding various things related to these activities. A good tank has now been found with Glass Fused Steel Tank technology which is of higher quality because it is anti-rust and far more durable than other types.

Use of Glass Fused Steel Tanks in Several Activities

In everyday life, humans always need a large container as a water reservoir for liquids from household activities. In addition, industrial activities as well as construction require tanks of various types and sizes. GFS Tank is the best choice because it can be used for various purposes. Check the facts of this technology below.

Environmentally friendly

The most important thing in producing large goods for large uses must also pay attention to their environmentally friendly nature. This GFS Tank is a combination of glass and steel to make it more sturdy and environmentally friendly. This steel smelting process will be more resistant to abrasion and the right pH is used for alkaline solutions.

Fire Resistant and Brighter Tank Appearance

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Hasil terjemahan
Hasil terjemahan
As you know, glass and steel materials have anti-flammability properties. Thus providing a sense of security and comfort in long-term use. The glass inside is fused to the steel tank section panels. The steel is then given a polymer coating on the outside and inside. This coated polymer material is more solid, smooth, and produces a bright appearance.

Is an Important Component in Environmental Technology

Still related to the previous environmentally friendly elements, this GFS technology is considered very important in environmental technology. For example, there is a wastewater treatment tank, an anaerobic digester, to a fire-resistant and anti-corrosion storage. Therefore, the use of these finishing techniques is considered to provide more benefits.

Can Store Water with Water Treatment System Technology

To obtain good water quality and not cause a disturbance to health and the environment, it is necessary to choose the best tank. In this case, the GFS Tank can be combined with the use of Water Treatment System technology so that water quality is maintained, especially in areas with poor water, such as factories.

Durable for Storing High Acid Grade Chemicals

For storage needs using large-scale tanks, usually used in an industry. One way is to store high levels of acidic or alkaline materials. This GFST guarantees anti-corrosion against acidity and base levels so that it will last for years to use., Provides a Variety of GFS Tank Needs

If you are confused about finding the best brand with quality GFS products, then just choose There are many products supplied using strict technological standards. Check out the various product options through the website and choose according to your needs.

Baca Juga : Check out the advantages of the Gfst Tank compared to other types

That’s a review of the facts of the Glass Fused Steel Tank. Various uses with their advantages, you can consider to get the best choice.

Seeing the industrial sector, drinking water, to the disposal of sludge and waste in growing urban areas cannot be separated from the existence of one thing, namely tanks. The type that has the best strength, anti-corrosion, and flexibility is the GFST tank. This is a Glass Fused Steel with quality constituent components for various purposes.

Advantages of Gfs Tank

A tank is a large container that is usually used to hold various kinds of stuffing, ranging from water to industrial factory waste. Placement can be in many areas depending on needs. The Gfs Tank type is an option because it has several advantages as below.

1. Stronger Adhesion

For those of you who need storage in the form of tanks for medium to large capacities, then the choice of Glass Fused Steel is very good. This type of product has strong adhesion. The existence of an adhesion system and the durability of this sturdy glass will be resistant to corrosion so that the product is always durable.

2. UV Resistant (Ultraviolet)

Materials from steel to make this tank from the best brands will use standard quality. One of them is the presence of strength against abrasion and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Therefore, even though it has been used for a long time, the condition of the tank still looks good so it can reduce maintenance costs.

3. Does Not Require Repeated Coating Applications

The next advantage of using Gfst is that it doesn’t require the application to coat it repeatedly. The coating activity is lifelong in nature. Thus, it requires no repetition to keep the system up and running. This is of course very profitable because it is more durable.

4. Coating Process in Direct Factory

When going to use this type of Gfst tank, the user will know that the manufacture or coating process is carried out at the factory. This is an indication of consistency because it is not seen from the location conditions. So, wherever the placement is, the quality that will be obtained remains the same.

5. Modular shape

The next very interesting advantage of Gfst is that one of its designs is modular. It shows that the manufacturing process does not require a special place. Thus, it will be directly made according to the needs using standards that are strictly monitored.

Choose for the Best Glass Fused Tank

You can get quality products by choosing the brand This is the best brand and has experience in the world of Gfst-type tanks. Visit outlets in various cities in Indonesia. In addition, there are also various services for the development of your industry.

That’s a review of a number of advantages of the gfst tank. Choose the product according to your needs and get a variety of advantages to get the most durable functional guarantee. This type of technology is the choice of many people to use to accommodate water, waste, and so on.