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We have Succesfully Completed Jacking Pipe at the IPAL (Wastewater Treatment) Palembang Work with 104.910 span length

The microtunneling work on this route is special, where the drilling route passes under the Ampera Bridge, the Terminal. the Main Market and also the Palembang City LRT Overpass.The area is a critical area and crowded populated. As for the extra challenges that we have to face in this project, we need to drill in dense areas without affecting the surrounding environment such as traffic jams or technical problems in public facilities. Beside the existing of challenges, our team managed to carry out the project in a professional work with the best result.

Doing such a prominent project is pushing our team to give the best skill and science considering its safety and quality. Thus we are supported by precise information regarding geologist soil structure clearly provided by responsible parties. During this stage we expedite the jacking process, targeting 11.62 meter per day and proudly able to achieve 16.00 meter as the best result. There are some soil types that we have faced on this area such as clay, sandy soil, and silt.

Visiting by Management of PT Adhi Karya Head Office to the Pekanbaru City North Zone Wastewater Pipeline Development Project

PT Tohoma Mandiri is the sub-contractor of Adhi – Jaya Construction which has been working on the North Zone Wastewater Pipeline Development Project since the end of 2021 in Pekanbaru City. This project uses the Jacking Pipe – Microtunneling System method using a drilling machine (Microtunnel Boring Machines, MTBM) and is combined with hydraulic engineering from the departure shaft to the arrival shaft in (one drive).

PT Adhi Karya visited and reviewed the progress of the project being carried out by PT Tohoma Mandiri as a Sub-Contractor for the installation of 1000mm diameter RCP pipes. This visit began with a safety briefing before entering the MH-106 pit/shaft area, in accordance with the project’s K3 SOP.

Next, the Adhi Karya team entered the pit area and received an explanation of the progress of the work from the Project Manager of PT Tohoma Mandiri. They were immediately guided by the Tohoma team to go to the control room area, shaft area, and slurry system area. This work technique is very safe and environmentally friendly because it is done without open excavation so it does not damage the ground surface facilities for laying pipes with a depth of +/- 10 meters from the surface. Excavation is carried out from the control room by experienced Tohoma operators.

PT TOHOMA MANDIRI Invests in New Drilling Machines to Strengthen Operational Lines.

Looking at how infrastructure progress in Indonesia has impacted the increase in demand for infrastructure services. In this situation, PT Tohoma Mandiri invested by buying a new drilling machine from a well-known construction company in Germany, Herrenknitch. This aims to strengthen PT Tohoma Mandiri’s operational line to fulfil the demand for Microtunneling System – Pipe Jacking infrastructure services. A synopsis about Tunneling is an innovation of installing underground pipes without open excavation but using a drill machine that is controlled remotely, so it doesn’t impact traffic jams.

This new drilling machine is directly used to construct Pekanbaru’s northern zone wastewater pipeline infrastructure. Hopefully, this new drilling machine will continue to assist Indonesia’s infrastructure progress in the waterways system.

Large-scale construction does require some special techniques. One such technique is the jacking method. In Indonesia, major developments often occur, such as the construction of toll roads. In principle, this method involves driving the pipe underground by drilling, then pushing the pipe using hydraulic pressure. For a complete explanation, please refer to the following discussion.

What is the Pipe Jacking Method

Pipe jacking is no stranger to construction, especially in Indonesia because it has been used frequently. One of the purposes of using pipe jacking is to allow sewage to flow through the concrete pipes under the road. Thus, the potential for environmental pollution by this waste can be minimized and can prevent flooding.

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Therefore, this method is often used in urban areas because the water catchment area is quite minimal, especially to collect rainwater. Lack of green land is one of the factors that floods often occur. From these problems, the use of underground pipes is considered quite effective. What’s more, the pipe installation process also does not require open excavation so it is safe in traffic.

Main Factors of Pipe Jacking Method

1. Total population

The population is one of the most important factors to consider before starting pipe jacking. This is because the more people there are, the greater the supply of waste will be generated so that it can be taken into consideration before installing pipes.

2. Regional conditions

Considering that Indonesia has various characters from a geological perspective, this must also be considered. It is possible that in that place the soil conditions are less stable so if a pipe is installed it will be quite vulnerable. In addition, before drilling, it must also go through a licensing process first.

3. Conditions of environmental sanitation

In general, sanitation in urban areas is less than in rural areas. This sanitary condition will have a significant influence on how the pipes are installed so as to minimize various health and environmental risks.

4. Climate

The final consideration is climate. Although this method does not require open excavation, it does have some effect in some weather conditions. For example, when the rainy season arrives, it often rains heavily accompanied by wind, making it impossible to drill in order to avoid unwanted things.

Advantages of the Jacking Method

There are quite a number of advantages of using pipe jacking compared to other methods. These advantages include minimizing extreme environmental disturbances, safer installation, reducing business activities, especially in densely populated areas, comfortable living, no open excavations, and many more. Because of these considerations various developed countries have often used it in development.

That was a little discussion about the pipe jacking method in terms of construction. However, one thing to note is when you want to use this method, make sure to choose a trusted service such as Tohoma Mandiri. Having been established since 2005 is proof that this service has indeed proven its quality. For more information, you can visit

For those of you who are already involved in the construction world, you must be familiar with this term. Microtunneling is often applied when you want to build tunnels or the like using a drilling machine. At this time it will be discussed in full regarding the meaning, function, way of working, advantages, and disadvantages of the process. So, please refer to the following explanation.

The Definition of Microtunneling

Micro tunneling is the process of building a small tunnel using a drilling machine. Usually, this process will be combined using a pipe jacking technique to install pipes underground. In first, 1979 the Tunnel Drilling Machine (MBT) was first developed by Japan. Then, in the next few years, the machine gets developed from Germany.

In principle, micro tunneling will be controlled with a remote control with the help of earth pressure and a computer. This process was first used to replace open drains in urban areas using gravity pipes underground. The micro tunneling method is one of the solutions to do this, so it continues to be used today.

Although at first it was only used for water pipe construction, now it is really experiencing development. Call it subway crossings, runways, rivers, freeways, and much more. In fact, some people consider micro tunneling to be the most accurate method when it comes to installing pipes.

Functions and How It Works

In general, the function of the micro tunneling method is to build small tunnels. The making of this tunnel uses a drilling machine or often called a Microtunnel Boring Machine and a combination of pipe jacking techniques to install pipes into the ground. It is intended that all processes can be installed in just one driving.

When compared to doing open excavation, of course, this method is considered safer. Open excavation is indeed very prone to risks, especially when it is related to weather conditions or soil structure. Until now, micro tunneling has been used in the installation of various pipe sizes, ranging from 20 cm to 3 meters. Therefore, the construction of waterways in flood-prone areas also often uses this technique.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microtunneling

This system has the advantage of being very effective and efficient. This is because the operation does not require workers in the field, but only uses the remote control. However, the accuracy of this method is also very good, so it is very suitable for installing pipes far from the surface of the water.

On the other side, there are also disadvantages. The drilling process requires accurate and very detailed geological data. If something goes wrong in these details, the results can be disastrous in development.

So a little explanation about micro tunneling. One thing that must be underlined here is that this process requires very high precision, so if you are looking for these services, you really have to come from a trusted and quality company, one example of which is Tohoma Mandiri. You can see further information on the website

What is jacking metode?

The Pipe Jacking Method is a slurry system, a work implementation method that is a way/method of jacking pipe installation using a horizontal drilling machine that is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with the activities of the surrounding environment. Using a drilling machine equipped with a cutter head which is driven mechanically and operated from the control room by an operator. At the time of drilling, the material that is cut/excavated with water becomes a liquid mud, then this mud fluid is easily sucked up by the slurry pump to be moved or disposed of at a disposal site and the water can be reused in the next drilling.

The advantages of pipe jacking metode

  • Work significantly safely.
  • Work accurately and controllable.
  • Eliminate handshake.
  • Ground Support.
  • Faster installation.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Remote control.

The reason for choosing the pipe-jacking method

  • The jacking pipe method can reduce air pollution, reduce carbon emissions and reduce traffic jams.
  • Avoid damage to facilities and utilities at ground level.
  • Reducing land subsidence due to open excavation.
  • Less dugout.
  • There are no open excavations, so traffic crossings, railway crossings, airport crossings, river crossings, and others are not disturbed.


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