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First Drive RCP Pipe Installation by PT Tohoma Mandiri on the DKI Jakarta POLDER Project

Jakarta, 10 November 2023 PT Tohoma Mandiri carried out the first drive on the installation of DN1000 MM RCP Pipe on the DKI Jakarta Province POLDER / Retention Pool Development Project. This is not only a sign of the start of pipe installation, but also a step towards success that will have a big impact on flood control efforts in DKI Jakarta.

Previously, a joint prayer was also held reflecting commitment and hope for the smoothness and success of the project. This event was attended by the extended family of PT Tohoma Mandiri and representatives of PT Adhi Karya, which is the Main Contractor on this project.

This Microtunneling method is very safe and environmentally friendly because it is carried out without open excavation so it does not damage surface facilities for installing pipes to a depth of +/- 7 meters from the surface. PT Tohoma Mandiri always prioritizes occupational health and safety and ensures that every project is carried out with full dedication so as to achieve optimal results.