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Installation 2 units of Reservoir Glass Fused Steel Tank with volume 1.500 m3 by PT Tohoma Mandiri in the Clean Water Distribution Network Project, Medan Industrial Area, North Sumatra

PT Tohoma Mandiri has completed the installation 2 Units of Glass Fused Steel Reservoir Tanks for the Clean Water Network Distribution Project in the Medan Industrian Area (KIM) with PT Nindya Karya as the Main Contractor. The purpose of installing the GFS Tank is to increase the capacity to provide clean water for both the needs of the area and the surrounding community.

Work on the 1.500 m3 GFST tank in Medan was completed on time according to the estimated timeframe of around 3-4 weeks according to the schedule decided with PT Nindya Karya. This success also reflection of PT Tohoma Mandiri’s commitment to maintaining high quality work and timeliness in completing projects. We guarantee that every project we work on is carried out optimally, with quality and on time.