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Know Important Things from Cast Iron Pipes

January 3, 2022
Posted by: Tohoma Mandiri

The use of pipes is very diverse. This one object can drain various liquids for various needs, ranging from household to industrial. One of the best types of water diverter is Cast Iron Pipe. Made of iron, its use is for water distribution ranging from low pressure to very large, such as in factories.

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Important Things to Know from Iron Type Pipes

Apart from the use of flowing water, pipes with this type of iron are usually also used to support houses, fences, and so on. However, for larger needs, such as industry, they also have a large scale of storage as well. This one pipe is known to be very sturdy because of the material and the manufacturing process with cast. Check out the other important things below.

High Endurance

The reason people prefer Cast Iron Pipe is that it has high durability. Made of ferrous metal, it is very good at adapting to various temperatures and weather changes. Therefore, the material will also be resistant to damage, such as porous or easily weathered because it has been used for a long time.

Does not have toxic properties

Choosing a pipe is not easy but not difficult either. This is because iron-type pipes are often found to contain toxins that are very dangerous for human health and the environment. However, this case will not occur if you use this Cast Iron Pipe to drain various liquids because it is anti-toxic so it is safe.

The weight is quite heavy

The important thing for you to know about this type of pipe is its weight. The weight size of the cast iron pipe reaches kilos to tens of kilos, especially when used in large industries. Thus, the installation process will also take longer than other types, such as pipes made of plastic.

Fairly High Corrosion Risk

Cast iron pipes have a risk of corrosion. This can happen if the placement is not good, such as outdoors because it will be exposed to direct sunlight. This also applies in the rainy season, when water can make pipe conditions worse. Over time, rust appears which is very dangerous.

Complicated Installation Process

The installation activity of cast iron-type pipes turned out to be more complicated and difficult. This of course will require experienced experts. Compare that to the PVC installation process, where the material is much more flexible, so it doesn’t require a lot of people. Because they are large and heavy, cast iron pipes require a lot of expertise to handle them.

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That’s a review of important things about Cast Iron Pipes. With a variety of functions, this type of pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages.