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Normal Coating / General

Portland cement mortar on the internal layer while zinc and bituminous paint on the outside (external).

Internal Layer of Sulfate Cement Mortar

Sulfate cement has high corrosion resistance and is widely used in marine areas.

Internal Layer of Alumina Cement Mortar

The outer layer of the cast iron pipe is coated with a layer of Zinc-Alumina (85% Zn + 15% Al) weighing 400g/m2. This product is very suitable for soil conditions with high corrosion rates. 

Ductile Iron Pipe for sewerage conforms to ISO 7186, EN 598 and GB/T26081 standards, coated with alumina cement mortar on the inside which has good corrosion and abrasion resistance. This product is very suitable for rainwater drainage, wastewater purification, and industrial wastewater treatment.

PU Coating

Polyurethane (PU) coating is made of polyurethane material, which is not only an internal lining material for the pipe, but also as an external abrasion-resisting layer. Polyurethane coating has many advantages such as good abrasive and corrosion resistance, impermeability, smooth surface, low coefficient of resistance and environmentally friendly properties. This protective layer is mostly used in soil environments with high acid and alkaline content.

Ceramic Epoxy Lining

Ceramic Epoxy coating as a pipe protector with a diameter of DN200-DN2600mm. The interior of the epoxy ceramic is made of epoxy resin, quartz powder, and other ingredients with a film thickness of more than 1000 m. The black pipe coating is very suitable for industrial wastewater and wastewater sanitation, while the white coating is used for portable water drainage.

Rubber Gasket

All rubber gaskets are manufactured according to ISO 4633, BS EN681-1, ISO10221, and should be stored in wooden crates in plastic bags to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and high temperatures.

Polyethylene Sleeve

Polyethylene coating is used as per client’s requirement and request, polyethylene coating will be supplied according to ISO8180 standard, to protect the outer pipe surface.


When assembling T-joint pipes with rubber gaskets, lubricant is required to reduce friction. This lubricant has no effect on water and should be stored in the temperature range from 20’C – 60’C


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