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PT Tohoma Mandiri Trusted Partner for Drilling Industry Material Needs

In the world of resource exploration, finding the right materials and services for drilling operations is critical. PT Tohoma Mandiri is present as the exclusive distributor of Baroid – Halliburton as well as chemicals which this product can be used in the Underground Drilling process. Our product range includes Bentonite Tunnel Gel, Quik Gel, Polymer EZ-MUD, etc.

This product is made to overcome the challenges encountered during drilling operations and provide optimal performance. With the use of our innovative materials, many benefits will be felt during the drilling process, including providing effective soil reinforcement, maintaining the stability of the fluid well, and being able to adjust the desired viscosity value.

We are committed to providing high quality industrial drilling materials with the best service. In addition to a broad product range, PT Tohoma Mandiri also provides superior installation services for technical exploration. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of this so we can say you have a reliable partner. For further information, you can contact us at the contact provided.