PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

PT Tohoma Mandiri's Breakthrough Success in the POLDER Development Project on JL. TB. Simatupang, Prov. DKI Jakarta

PT Tohoma Mandiri succeeded in making a breakthrough from PIT 2 to PIT 1 with a depth of around 7 meters and a span length of 120 meters in the installation of DN1000MM RCP Pipe in the DKI Jakarta Province POLDER/Retention Pool Development Project, precisely on JL. TB. Simatupang, South Jakarta (Front of ANTAM Building).

The Polder and Retention Pond System is an effective strategy in dealing with flood risks by limiting vulnerable areas, controlling the volume of water, and using retention ponds as temporary containers to manage rainwater and seep it into the ground. One innovative technology that can overcome flooding is PT Tohoma Mandiri’s Microtunneling.

By prioritizing occupational health and safety during the construction process, we remain committed to playing an active role in developing innovative solutions for a sustainable environment in the future.