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Tohoma's GFS Tank for DAMKAR Alert Water Facility

In an effort to increase preparedness in dealing with fires, the DKI Jakarta Province Fire and Rescue Service utilizes the GFS water hydrant tank, a standby water facility owned by PT Tohoma Mandiri. The main advantage that is felt is filling the fire pump unit water which now only takes about 5 minutes compared to previous time which took about 30 minutes, with a water hydrant capacity of up to 4000 liters.

The reduced duration of hydrant refilling allows the team to quickly prepare the fleet and always be ready to respond emergencies. This hydrant water GFS tank makes a significant change in optimizing firefighting fleet availability. PT Tohoma Mandiri as a provider of GFS water hydrant tanks is committed to providing the best service in terms of quality.

The reliability of this tank is an effort to support the DKI Jakarta Provincial Fire Management and Rescue Service in protecting the public. Therefore, we continue to innovate to present the best technology for in the future.