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What are the advantages of using DCI pipes

January 1, 2022
Posted by: Tohoma Mandiri

Pipes are one thing that cannot be separated from everyday life. Its function is very diverse with various types as well. The material for making these pipes is very varied. In the choice of DCI pipe which is the type seen from the manufacturing process, it is produced using hot metal so that it sticks to the wall of the mold.

Advantages of Using DCI Pipes

Pipes with this Ductile manufacturing technique are made on a rotating mold. The use of this type of pipe is very diverse, ranging from the flow of water to other liquids. Industrial needs really need it with various capacities. Following are some of the advantages of using DCI Pipe.

Easy to Detect Leaks

Considering that the function of the pipe itself is to drain or distribute water with great pressure, it is not uncommon for leaks to occur. This type of Ductile Iron has very good strength from contamination by organic substances. The power provided makes it easier to detect leaks so they can be repaired immediately.

Strong Against Pressure

The water flowing into the pipe has various pressures, ranging from small to very strong. This type of DCI pipe has much better strength when compared to other types, such as PVC, PVCO, or HDPE. Thus, for its use, it is much more durable so there is no need to replace it frequently.

Tends to be more stable in flowing water

The most use of this type of pipe is indeed to help drain water from one place to another as needed. The advantage is that DCI is more stable to use in running water. Therefore, the flow of water occurs properly thereby reducing risks, such as large or massive leaks.

Made With A Little Addition Of Magnesium

In the manufacturing process, this DCI-type pipe is produced by adding magnesium. The amount is not too large so that the graphite in the cast iron can form a round shape. This will cause an increase in the ductility of the pipe. That then makes it stronger and not easily damaged.

Strong With Pressure from Outside

Another advantage of using Ductile Cast Iron is that there is a system that makes it much more sturdy in the event of external pressure. The placement of this pipe will vary greatly and environmental conditions also affect the work process in it. Because it uses good technique, it won’t break easily even if the outside pressure is high enough.

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That’s a review of the advantages of a DCI pipe that can be used to drain large amounts of water. The manufacturing technology is very sophisticated and good.