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What is the GFST Tank Production Process

December 14, 2021
Posted by: Tohoma Mandiri

Have you heard the term GFST? This is a two-layer bonding technology using a heat temperature of 800-900 ℃. This is used in order to get the best combination of cohesion and strength. The glass on the GFST Tank can last for years provided the condition of the placement area is open.

Production Process of Glass-Fused Steel Tanks

The combination of the steel’s strength and flexibility with the corrosion of the glass coating makes the product very good and of high quality. In the manufacturing process, all email components are inspected using power up to 1500V. To better understand the steps for making it, see the explanation below.

Cutting Using a CNC Machine

The earliest stage in the production process is preparing email materials. After that, cutting will be carried out using a machine called CNC. This is Computer Numerical Control that is used in cutting various materials, ranging from wood, metal, steel, iron, and so on. This first step is done by professionals.

Spraying Email Coating

In producing a tank using GFST technology, after the materials are cut, the next step is to spray the enamel coating. This is done so that the material has resistance to corrosion, adhesion, and the like. That way, the product will remain durable in various placement locations later.

Carrying out High-Temperature Combustion

The most important step in glass fused steel production is firing. The burning activity is carried out using a drying furnace. The temperature used is also very large between 820 ° C – 930 ° C. Through high-temperature combustion a combined form or two-layer fusing will be formed.

Checking Quality

The next after-burning process is carried out quality checking activities. Using strict standards, in this first stage a test is made by checking each sheet of email material. The activity of checking the quality of the object or product is called a holiday test using a power of up to 1500V.

Goods Delivery

If you buy a product from a tank manufacturing plant of this type, you will immediately find a finished one. After placing an order as needed, then delivery is carried out according to the region. In the later installation activities, adjusting the area must be carried out by a team of experts to get the position accuracy.

Products from Become the Best Choice

For those of you who are looking for a GFST tank, you can choose products from This is a company that provides chemical services for industry, grinding, Storage Tank Industry to Glass Fused Steel. Choose a tank according to your needs with the best quality assurance.

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That’s an overview of the GFST Steel production process which has several stages. Using good materials and technology, the products have their own advantages compared to other types. This is suitable for various large storage, such as water to industrial factory waste.