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Ductile Cast Iron Pipe (DCIP)

Ductile Cast Iron Pipe (DCIP) is produced in 2 ways, namely:
1. Water-Cooled Metal mold centrifugal casting
2. Sand centrifugal casting (including heated mold method, coating law production and resin sand method)
DCIP which is produced from Water Cooled Metal mold centrifugal casting, has the characteristics of smooth surface, accurate size, stable performance, and dense wall thickness, and has been widely used.
The DN80-DN1200mm size pipes are manufactured by water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting.

The principal of PT Tohoma Mandiri in China has imported machinery and equipment from America and Germany for material processing such as electric furnaces, centrifugal casting machines, annealing furnaces, finishing lines, and cement lining equipment.

The internal control system is strictly implemented to ensure product quality. Since 1970, the principal of PT Tohoma Mandiri already has ISO9002/ISO9001 Quality System Certificate issued by the Chinese Authority and SGS; Since 1998, our partners have Production Compliance Certificates issued by SGS and Bureau Veritas; Since 2003, our partners have also been awarded the ISO14001 certificate.

Ductile cast iron pipes and fittings are widely used in the delivery, transmission and distribution facilities of clean water and water, industrial sewage, etc. Until now, these products have been sold throughout mainland China and exported to more than 36 countries and regions such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran. , Korean, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Namibia, South America, Tunis, Libya, Kenya, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. .

” PT Tohoma Mandiri and the principal have a vision to become a professional and competitive supplier of ductile cast iron pipes. We look forward to working with clients throughout Indonesia with satisfactory results and quality. “


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