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Pipe Jacking / Microtunneling is a method of installing product pipes using a drilling machine (Microtunnel Boring Machines, MTBM) and combined with pipe jacking techniques (techniques in the product pipe installation business by pushing the product pipe into the ground) from a temporary building called the departure shaft ( start area jacking machine; product pipeline) and ends with a temporary building called the Arrival Shaft (finish area; place to remove the machine) at a destination in one driving. The cutting face / headcutter machine is in front to drill the ground then followed behind by the product pipe to be installed while the back of the product pipe is pushed with a measured and directed jack force from the departure shaft to the arrival shaft.

Microtunelling was first developed by the Japanese in the early 1970s to replace open drains in urban areas with gravity pipes installed underground, while the pipe jacking method itself is believed to have been used by the Romans as a technique for installing utilities under the ground. land. Although originally designed for the construction of gravity sewerage pipes, microtunneling installations also include underground passages on railroads, expressways, runways, rivers and sensitive environments, for example where many utilities are installed. This method has also been widely used to install intake and exhaust pipes in factories and other industries.



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