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Pipa Besi Cor Ulet (DCIP)

Ductile Cast Iron Pipe (DCIP) is produced in 2 ways, namely:
1. Water-Cooled Metal mold centrifugal casting
2. Sand centrifugal casting (including heated mold method, coating law production and resin sand method)
DCIP which is produced from Water Cooled Metal mold centrifugal casting, has the characteristics of smooth surface, accurate size, stable performance, and dense wall thickness, and has been widely used.
The DN80-DN1200mm size pipes are manufactured by water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting.

T-Type Joint Pipes

T-type Joint Pipes (Push on) are manufactured with size variations DN80-DN1800 mm, flexible joining system with sockets and spigots. This product is the first choice in the water pipe world due to its easy installation, strong performance, and corrosion resistance.

The Self-Restrained Joint Pipes

Self-Restrained Joint Pipes are manufactured with size variations of DN80-DN1600 mm. This pipe uses a self-restrained jointed system which is suitable for use in piping systems with high water pressure, at high altitudes, and piping areas that are prone to slipping and rocking.

Technic Description

Angle of Curvature