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Why are Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Superior in Dampening Sound and Vibration?

Ductile Cast Iron pipes have a better ability to reduce sound and vibration because the inherent properties of the base material are more flexible and elastic. Compared with other iron pipes, ductile cast iron pipes have a more homogeneous microstructure and less damage in the material.

This reduces sound resonance and vibrations produced when fluid flows through pipes, resulting in a quieter, vibration-free environment. In addition, ductile cast iron pipes can also absorb more energy due to vibration, thereby reducing the possibility of structural damage or pipe leaks.

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In the world of construction, there are many elements that play an important role, one of which is an iron pipe. Iron pipes act as a support for the house, fences, trellises, ceiling frames, and much more. However, did you know that there are many types of these pipes such as ductile pipes or so on? To understand more, please refer to the following discussion.

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As we know, pipes made of iron do have more advantages. Some of these advantages include being stronger, durable, rust-resistant, and termite resistant. This is why these items can last for decades even if used outdoors in changing weather. In fact, now many people have an interest in the pipe.

Various Kinds of Iron Pipes

1. Ductile

The first type is ductile. This type is often used as the main material for water supply infrastructure. Since it was first discovered, its development can be said to be quite rapid until it reaches better quality over time. The character is strong, has high durability, and is anti-rust. In fact, in an emergency such as a natural disaster, the connection will not break but only bend.

2. Hollow

Next is the hollow. This type is also commonly called a square pipe. Unlike the previous types, hollow pipes are more often used to make fences or gates. However, most people prefer to use it as a ceiling frame and house canopy. This material is indeed better than a wooden frame because apart from being easy to install, this material is also not easily weathered.

3. Welded

As the name implies, welded pipe is made from a plate that is welded into a pipe. The most visible feature of this type is the existence of longitudinal lines. The line is the connection of the plates above. However, if the welding is carried out at high temperatures, this line will usually not be too obvious. Unfortunately, when you want to choose the welded type, you really have to come from a certified company because otherwise it will be prone to leaks.

4. Seamless

Contrary to before, the seamless type has no joints. The way to make it is to perforate the cylinder and then get a complete pipe. If you want to check it, you can see the inside. There will be no traces of visible joints and looks smooth. In general, the price of this type tends to be more expensive than welded because it has very high resistance.

5. Ulet

The latter type is quite popular in the construction world. The reason is, this type is a cast iron pipe made of a mixture of graphite and iron. From these two materials, you can already imagine how strong they are compared to ordinary cast pipes. In fact, some people think that its performance can rival that of steel.

Those were some types of pipes that are often used in the construction world. Of the five above, ductile pipe is the most popular type. However, if you want to buy these pipes, make sure to order from a trusted and quality place, one of which is Tohoma Mandiri. For more information, you can visit the website at

The use of pipes is very diverse. This one object can drain various liquids for various needs, ranging from household to industrial. One of the best types of water diverter is Cast Iron Pipe. Made of iron, its use is for water distribution ranging from low pressure to very large, such as in factories.

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Important Things to Know from Iron Type Pipes

Apart from the use of flowing water, pipes with this type of iron are usually also used to support houses, fences, and so on. However, for larger needs, such as industry, they also have a large scale of storage as well. This one pipe is known to be very sturdy because of the material and the manufacturing process with cast. Check out the other important things below.

High Endurance

The reason people prefer Cast Iron Pipe is that it has high durability. Made of ferrous metal, it is very good at adapting to various temperatures and weather changes. Therefore, the material will also be resistant to damage, such as porous or easily weathered because it has been used for a long time.

Does not have toxic properties

Choosing a pipe is not easy but not difficult either. This is because iron-type pipes are often found to contain toxins that are very dangerous for human health and the environment. However, this case will not occur if you use this Cast Iron Pipe to drain various liquids because it is anti-toxic so it is safe.

The weight is quite heavy

The important thing for you to know about this type of pipe is its weight. The weight size of the cast iron pipe reaches kilos to tens of kilos, especially when used in large industries. Thus, the installation process will also take longer than other types, such as pipes made of plastic.

Fairly High Corrosion Risk

Cast iron pipes have a risk of corrosion. This can happen if the placement is not good, such as outdoors because it will be exposed to direct sunlight. This also applies in the rainy season, when water can make pipe conditions worse. Over time, rust appears which is very dangerous.

Complicated Installation Process

The installation activity of cast iron-type pipes turned out to be more complicated and difficult. This of course will require experienced experts. Compare that to the PVC installation process, where the material is much more flexible, so it doesn’t require a lot of people. Because they are large and heavy, cast iron pipes require a lot of expertise to handle them.

Tohoma Provides Various Pipes for Various Purposes

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That’s a review of important things about Cast Iron Pipes. With a variety of functions, this type of pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pipes are one thing that cannot be separated from everyday life. Its function is very diverse with various types as well. The material for making these pipes is very varied. In the choice of DCI pipe which is the type seen from the manufacturing process, it is produced using hot metal so that it sticks to the wall of the mold.

Advantages of Using DCI Pipes

Pipes with this Ductile manufacturing technique are made on a rotating mold. The use of this type of pipe is very diverse, ranging from the flow of water to other liquids. Industrial needs really need it with various capacities. Following are some of the advantages of using DCI Pipe.

Easy to Detect Leaks

Considering that the function of the pipe itself is to drain or distribute water with great pressure, it is not uncommon for leaks to occur. This type of Ductile Iron has very good strength from contamination by organic substances. The power provided makes it easier to detect leaks so they can be repaired immediately.

Strong Against Pressure

The water flowing into the pipe has various pressures, ranging from small to very strong. This type of DCI pipe has much better strength when compared to other types, such as PVC, PVCO, or HDPE. Thus, for its use, it is much more durable so there is no need to replace it frequently.

Tends to be more stable in flowing water

The most use of this type of pipe is indeed to help drain water from one place to another as needed. The advantage is that DCI is more stable to use in running water. Therefore, the flow of water occurs properly thereby reducing risks, such as large or massive leaks.

Made With A Little Addition Of Magnesium

In the manufacturing process, this DCI-type pipe is produced by adding magnesium. The amount is not too large so that the graphite in the cast iron can form a round shape. This will cause an increase in the ductility of the pipe. That then makes it stronger and not easily damaged.

Strong With Pressure from Outside

Another advantage of using Ductile Cast Iron is that there is a system that makes it much more sturdy in the event of external pressure. The placement of this pipe will vary greatly and environmental conditions also affect the work process in it. Because it uses good technique, it won’t break easily even if the outside pressure is high enough.

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That’s a review of the advantages of a DCI pipe that can be used to drain large amounts of water. The manufacturing technology is very sophisticated and good.