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PT Tohoma Mandiri Employee Gathering to Commemorate its 19th Anniversary

PT Tohoma Mandiri has been on a journey for 19 years since it was founded in 2005. To commemorate this, an employee gathering was held on 8-9 February 2024 at Villa Lody, Bogor Regency, West Java with the theme “Creating Big Impact”.

By carrying that theme, this event aims to raise a spirit of togetherness and solidarity among all employees. The series of events held, ranging from inspirational discussions, games sessions, door prizes to lively evening entertainment, became valuable moments to get to know each other better.

It is hoped that the spirit of togetherness and high motivation created by this event will continue to inspire and bring PT Tohoma Mandiri to always be the best choice in the construction industry for success in the future.

Celebrating 18th Anniversary, PT Tohoma Mandiri Holds Employee Gathering at Kebunsu Bogor

This year PT Tohoma Mandiri has been running for 18 years since it was founded in 2005. More than 15 years running, PT Tohoma Mandiri has achieved various extraordinary achievements. To celebrate this anniversary, PT Tohoma Mandiri held an employee gathering event on 17-18 February 2023 at Kebunsu, Bogor Regency, West Java. With the theme “TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE THE GOALS”.

This event is intended to appreciate and evoke the spirit of togetherness, solidarity to get to know each other better, and build motivation for good team work. The event, which lasted for 2 (two) days, ran smoothly and was attended by all employees at PT Tohoma Mandiri.

Enlivened by a series of events with various types of activities that all employees participated in including playing games and singing together. PT Tohoma Mandiri hopes that with the long journey that has been passed, it will continue to strive to always be the best choice in the construction industry, especially as a provider of construction services and mining equipment.

Driving safety is a special concern at this time. How not, there are still quite a lot of accident cases. There are several factors that influence this, one of which is the driver’s lack of alertness. That is why the installation of a truck headlight sticker is very important, namely so that it can give a warning to other motorists, especially motorcycles.

The sticker referred to here is a reflector, that is, the sticker can reflect light. This is not without reason. This is because there are already written regulations regarding the use of light reflectors on trucks, namely in the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation No. SK 5311/AJ410/DRJD/208 concerning technical guidelines for light reflectors. In these regulations vehicles weighing more than 7500 kg are required to have reflectors.

Types of Reflective Colors

In addition to regulations regarding obligations in use, there are other things that must also be considered, namely the selection of sticker colors. The followings are some of the sticker colors and their terms of use.

1. White

A white sticker must be affixed to the front. Usually, this is required on vehicles such as tacked buggies or trailers. Regarding size, the recommendation for its use is 60cm wide and 5 cm high.

2. Red

Furthermore, a red reflector must be used on the rear of the vehicle. This rule applies to all types of heavy vehicles. The recommended size is also the same as before, namely 50 mm high and 600 mm wide. The use of red is intended as a symbol of keeping distance for motorists behind it.

3. Yellow

The last one is yellow. This reflector is affixed to the side of freight cars and buses. The size is still the same as in the previous points.

Reflector Installation Based on Truck Type

1. Dump truck

In this type of car, a red reflector must be affixed to the back of the car body to form a box around that part. Furthermore, the yellow color is attached to the side of the tub with the same attachment method..

2. Box truck

For box trucks, the application is almost the same. The red reflector is affixed to the back using a box shape around the box. Meanwhile, the yellow reflector is on the side of the box.

Mixer Truck

On a mixer truck, the reflector must be affixed behind the mixer. More precisely, the sticker is placed at the bottom of the mixer on the right and left. Regarding the yellow reflector, it must be placed at the bottom of the side of the truck, starting from the head to the mixer tube.

4. . Tanker Truck

The last is a tanker truck. The red reflector is placed behind the tank following the tank. Furthermore, the yellow color is affixed to the sides and bottom of the tank, from front to back.

So, it can be said that car and truck headlight stickers have an important role, especially in terms of road safety. However, make sure you buy a reflector in the right place, such as Tohoma Mandiri, so you can get maximum quality. For more complete information, you can visit the official website at