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Celebrating 18th Anniversary, PT Tohoma Mandiri Holds Employee Gathering at Kebunsu Bogor

This year PT Tohoma Mandiri has been running for 18 years since it was founded in 2005. More than 15 years running, PT Tohoma Mandiri has achieved various extraordinary achievements. To celebrate this anniversary, PT Tohoma Mandiri held an employee gathering event on 17-18 February 2023 at Kebunsu, Bogor Regency, West Java. With the theme “TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE THE GOALS”.

This event is intended to appreciate and evoke the spirit of togetherness, solidarity to get to know each other better, and build motivation for good team work. The event, which lasted for 2 (two) days, ran smoothly and was attended by all employees at PT Tohoma Mandiri.

Enlivened by a series of events with various types of activities that all employees participated in including playing games and singing together. PT Tohoma Mandiri hopes that with the long journey that has been passed, it will continue to strive to always be the best choice in the construction industry, especially as a provider of construction services and mining equipment.