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Facing Various Challenges, PT Tohoma Mandiri once again succeeded in Breakthrough the WWTP B1 Makassar Project

Finally! Once again, PT Tohoma Mandiri succeeded in making a breakthrough using the Jacking Microtunneling method on the Makassar WWTP B1 Project, Makassar City Main Waste Water Channel Work Package. The SPAN with the Jongaya Canal crossing that we successfully completed from Departure MH10343 to Arrival MH10340 has a length of 150.66 meters with 62 pipes.

The Microtunneling Jacking method allows us to deal with various obstacles. This includes the drilling route passing under the Jongaya Canal, which is a densely populated area so we have to drill without having a negative impact on the environment. The entire process is also carried out carefully and meticulously, ensuring that each step is carried out optimally and in accordance with procedures.

PT Tohoma Mandiri has successfully undertaken a project aimed at enhancing wastewater management in the urban areas of Makassar City. Serving as a Sub-Contractor, we specialized in microtunneling DN1000mm, with strong support from PT PP as the Main Contractor. Together, we are committed to advancing sustainable infrastructure solutions for a cleaner and more efficient urban environment.