PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

Installation of 6 units of Reservoir Glass Fused Steel Tanks with a volume of 2000 m3 at the Mebidang Regional SPAM in Medan City, North Sumatra Province.

PT Tohoma Mandiri installed 6 units of Reservoir Glass Fused Steel Tanks in the Regional Water Supply System (SPAM) in North Sumatra Province. SPAM plays a central role in meeting the needs of the community’s drinking water in several scopes in three areas at once. Precisely in Medan City, Binjai City, and Deli Serdang Regency.

Work on the 2,000 m3 GFST tank in Medan was completed at Desember 2022. The Glass Fused Steel Tank has many uses, such as storage of drinking water, raw water, purification water, demineralized water, and desalinated water. In addition, Glass Fused Steel Tanks can be used for wastewater treatment, biogas, slurry tanks, silos for the material outpouring, and others.

With the available time, we guarantee that the project we are working on will be maximized because it is done by our professionals team in this field, thus helping this project achieve the best results.