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Installation of Waste Water Treatment Plant by PT Tohoma Mandiri at Palembang Sewerage Project

PT. Tohoma Mandiri has finished working on the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Installation at the Palembang City Sewerage Project. This project has been completed with PT. McConnell Dawell Indonesia and PT. PP (Pembangunan Perumahan) as Main Contractor.

As one of the sub-contractors in the Palembang WWTP project, our scope of work includes mechanical, piping, BTF Tank, and Clarifier work. In addition, we also carried out installations in the SWPS (Site Waste Pump Station) area, SDB (Sludge Drying Bed) as well as other items such as DICL and Oudoor Control Facility.

We always prioritize occupational health and safety, and ensure that the projects we work on are carried out optimally because they are carried out by our team of professionals in this field so as to achieve the best results.