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Microtunneling Method Makes Projects Smooth Without Traffic Disruption or Infrastructure Damage

Microtunneling or the process of building tunnels using a drilling machine (Microtunnel Boring Machines, MTBM) combined with jacking pipe techniques to install pipes underground in one driving. This process is carried out with the aim of avoiding open excavation.

In other methods, it often causes congestion because it requires diverting traffic lanes. However, Microtunneling operates underground and does not disrupt with traffic areas, so it does not cause congestion or noise problems. By involving the use of a remote controlled drilling machine, Mictotunneling does not require large trenches or open pits there by helping to maintain vegetation around the project area.

From the factors described above, the microtunneling jacking method is the right solution for projects in areas with dense population and traffic. PT Tohoma Mandiri has a team of professionals who are experts in the field of microtunneling, with extensive experience and expertise. Get the best work with us as a reliable partner in efficient microtunneling solutions to meet your project needs.