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PT Tohoma Mandiri Implements Latest Innovation in Microtunneling Jacking Method

In the midst of rapid infrastructure development in Indonesia, technology continues to develop to meet project needs. One of them is jacking technology, especially microtunneling, which is the main concern of the Indonesian construction industry. This method is done by making a small tunnel using a drilling machine (Microtunneling Boring Machines, MTBM) combined with pipe jacking techniques.

This method does not require open excavation so it is suitable for urban areas and environmentally sensitive areas so this method is increasingly popular as a solution to reduce environmental impacts and avoid disturbance to the community. PT Tohoma Mandiri is a company providing microtunneling services which has a team of professional experts in this field, with extensive experience and expertise.

Jacking methods are divided into several types. PT Tohoma Mandiri focuses on implementing pipe jacking on the slurry type and auger type. The slurry type uses slurry to maintain drilling stability and the types of pipe that can be installed are RCP, RCCP and DCIP pipes with diameter variations of 450mm-1800mm. Meanwhile, the auger type uses a casing as a means of transmitting the thrust force and the pipes that can be installed are RCP pipe, PVC and clay pipe with a diameter of 200mm-300mm.