PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

PT TOHOMA MANDIRI Invests in New Drilling Machines to Strengthen Operational Lines.

Looking at how infrastructure progress in Indonesia has impacted the increase in demand for infrastructure services. In this situation, PT Tohoma Mandiri invested by buying a new drilling machine from a well-known construction company in Germany, Herrenknitch. This aims to strengthen PT Tohoma Mandiri’s operational line to fulfil the demand for Microtunneling System – Pipe Jacking infrastructure services. A synopsis about Tunneling is an innovation of installing underground pipes without open excavation but using a drill machine that is controlled remotely, so it doesn’t impact traffic jams.

This new drilling machine is directly used to construct Pekanbaru’s northern zone wastewater pipeline infrastructure. Hopefully, this new drilling machine will continue to assist Indonesia’s infrastructure progress in the waterways system.