PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

The Microtunneling of DN1000 work on the MH4007 - MH4006 span has been completed by PT Tohoma Mandiri in the IPAL (Wastewater Treatment) Project in Palembang City.

The Microtunneling of DN1000 work using the jacking method at this time is the longest span in the Palembang B2B WWTP work with a length of 143 m. Our team managed to achieve an average production progress of 12m/day with a maximum achievement of 16m/day.

The trace that we are working on does not experience significant geological obstacles, this is supported by the results of the analysis carried out by the geolytic team which shows similarities to the previous spans and traces that we have successfully worked on. As a result of good perfomance and proper supervision, the project is running well and achieving optimal results.