PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

Visiting by Management of PT Adhi Karya Head Office to the Pekanbaru City North Zone Wastewater Pipeline Development Project

PT Tohoma Mandiri is the sub-contractor of Adhi – Jaya Construction which has been working on the North Zone Wastewater Pipeline Development Project since the end of 2021 in Pekanbaru City. This project uses the Jacking Pipe – Microtunneling System method using a drilling machine (Microtunnel Boring Machines, MTBM) and is combined with hydraulic engineering from the departure shaft to the arrival shaft in (one drive).

PT Adhi Karya visited and reviewed the progress of the project being carried out by PT Tohoma Mandiri as a Sub-Contractor for the installation of 1000mm diameter RCP pipes. This visit began with a safety briefing before entering the MH-106 pit/shaft area, in accordance with the project’s K3 SOP.

Next, the Adhi Karya team entered the pit area and received an explanation of the progress of the work from the Project Manager of PT Tohoma Mandiri. They were immediately guided by the Tohoma team to go to the control room area, shaft area, and slurry system area. This work technique is very safe and environmentally friendly because it is done without open excavation so it does not damage the ground surface facilities for laying pipes with a depth of +/- 10 meters from the surface. Excavation is carried out from the control room by experienced Tohoma operators.