PT Tohoma Mandiri - Assembling Innovation

We have Succesfully Completed Jacking Pipe at the IPAL (Wastewater Treatment) Palembang Work with 104.910 span length

The microtunneling work on this route is special, where the drilling route passes under the Ampera Bridge, the Terminal. the Main Market and also the Palembang City LRT Overpass.The area is a critical area and crowded populated. As for the extra challenges that we have to face in this project, we need to drill in dense areas without affecting the surrounding environment such as traffic jams or technical problems in public facilities. Beside the existing of challenges, our team managed to carry out the project in a professional work with the best result.

Doing such a prominent project is pushing our team to give the best skill and science considering its safety and quality. Thus we are supported by precise information regarding geologist soil structure clearly provided by responsible parties. During this stage we expedite the jacking process, targeting 11.62 meter per day and proudly able to achieve 16.00 meter as the best result. There are some soil types that we have faced on this area such as clay, sandy soil, and silt.