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Complete Explanation About Jacking Methods In Development

January 11, 2022
Posted by: Tohoma Mandiri

Large-scale construction does require some special techniques. One such technique is the jacking method. In Indonesia, major developments often occur, such as the construction of toll roads. In principle, this method involves driving the pipe underground by drilling, then pushing the pipe using hydraulic pressure. For a complete explanation, please refer to the following discussion.

What is the Pipe Jacking Method

Pipe jacking is no stranger to construction, especially in Indonesia because it has been used frequently. One of the purposes of using pipe jacking is to allow sewage to flow through the concrete pipes under the road. Thus, the potential for environmental pollution by this waste can be minimized and can prevent flooding.

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Therefore, this method is often used in urban areas because the water catchment area is quite minimal, especially to collect rainwater. Lack of green land is one of the factors that floods often occur. From these problems, the use of underground pipes is considered quite effective. What’s more, the pipe installation process also does not require open excavation so it is safe in traffic.

Main Factors of Pipe Jacking Method

1. Total population

The population is one of the most important factors to consider before starting pipe jacking. This is because the more people there are, the greater the supply of waste will be generated so that it can be taken into consideration before installing pipes.

2. Regional conditions

Considering that Indonesia has various characters from a geological perspective, this must also be considered. It is possible that in that place the soil conditions are less stable so if a pipe is installed it will be quite vulnerable. In addition, before drilling, it must also go through a licensing process first.

3. Conditions of environmental sanitation

In general, sanitation in urban areas is less than in rural areas. This sanitary condition will have a significant influence on how the pipes are installed so as to minimize various health and environmental risks.

4. Climate

The final consideration is climate. Although this method does not require open excavation, it does have some effect in some weather conditions. For example, when the rainy season arrives, it often rains heavily accompanied by wind, making it impossible to drill in order to avoid unwanted things.

Advantages of the Jacking Method

There are quite a number of advantages of using pipe jacking compared to other methods. These advantages include minimizing extreme environmental disturbances, safer installation, reducing business activities, especially in densely populated areas, comfortable living, no open excavations, and many more. Because of these considerations various developed countries have often used it in development.

That was a little discussion about the pipe jacking method in terms of construction. However, one thing to note is when you want to use this method, make sure to choose a trusted service such as Tohoma Mandiri. Having been established since 2005 is proof that this service has indeed proven its quality. For more information, you can visit