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Want to Install a Light Reflector Sticker? Pay Attention to the Following Things in Advance

Everyone never knows what will happen on the streets. The task of each rider is to remind the other. One form of reminder is to install a light reflector sticker. In principle, this sticker will reflect the light from other vehicles so that drivers can be aware of the presence of the vehicle.

However, installing these stickers cannot be done haphazardly. There are several things that need to be considered so as not to cause adverse effects, such as lights becoming blurry. This is because the sticker is not only applied to the car body, but also the lights. It’s just that the types of stickers are different, especially in the use of materials.

The Importance of Using Reflector Stickers

It is undeniable that driving at night has a much greater risk of accidents than during the day. This is due to the lack of lighting apart from vehicle lights and street lamps. In fact, quite a lot of cases of accidents at night are caused by not being aware of the presence of vehicles or hard objects because the roads are too dark.

From this problem then came the recommendation to use a light reflector. Not only on vehicles, but reflectors are also often used on other objects. These objects include the following.

1. Traffic sign

This sticker serves to warn motorists at night regarding the presence of road signs. Some important signs such as warning of narrow roads, accident-prone roads, and so on are often difficult to see in dark conditions, especially when there are no street lights. This is the important role of the reflector.

2. Heavy vehicle reflector

There are already written regulations regarding the obligation to use reflector stickers on various heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, articulated cars, and so on. This is intended so that other motorists, especially motorbikes or cars, can be aware of the presence of these vehicles at night.

3. Personal reflector

This type is often used in project clothes. The goal, of course, is for motorists to be aware of the person’s presence. Usually, road repair workers are required to use it at night to avoid unwanted things.

4. Temporary sign reflector

Finally, the temporary sign must also use a sticker. The temporary sign functions as a warning that around the sign there are temporary projects such as road repairs or emergency vehicle repairs.

Reflector Sticker Color

Another thing that you must know is that there are various kinds of stickers with their own rules. For example, a red sticker must be affixed to the back of a commercial vehicle as a warning to keep your distance. Furthermore, the yellow color must be affixed to the side, especially on buses or freight cars. Finally, white is used on the front of the patch train. All three must be 60 x 5 cm in size.

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